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Bubble Soccer
Go crazy with 4v4, 5v5 (or more) with no goalies and no off-sides to score as many points as possible with a new spin on a classic soccer-style match.
Battle Balls
Remember King of the Hill? Everyone starts in a defined circle and the last player standing wins. Simple rules = great time!
Sharks & Minnows
Starting alone, the shark chases the minnows attempting to cross the field without getting knocked over. If a minnow gets knocked over, they morph into a shark for the next round!


To play Bubble Soccer, you'll need an area about the size of a standard basketball court.
To play outside, look to places like your local football and soccer fields, sports complexes, parks or your own backyard.
To play inside, look to places like basketball courts, indoor soccer facilities or other open venues.

Your Backyard
The ultimate home field advantage
Sports Fields & Parks
Take over the local football field, soccer field or open area park can be your own Knockerball stadium
Indoor Courts & Facilities
Basketball courts or any indoor turf facility make great Knockerball arenas
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